About Carolyn | How I Differ


fearless at 7, despite the daisies

The hardest thing a writer can do is write about herself.  Writing is an act of intimacy. You’re exposed.  And it requires setting up temporary residence in my client’s head to understand how he or she thinks. Perhaps you’d like to know how my mind occupies itself when not at the keyboard.

  • Collect folk art and fine-art black & white photography
  • On the Enneagram, I profile as The Enthusiast
  • On Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, I’m considered an ENFJ/P
  • Intermediate Spanish speaker crawling along the path to fluency
  • Amateur digital photographer, adore b/w portraits, learning video
  • Graduate of U.C. Berkeley with a BA in Rhetoric, the art of persuasive speech and writing from the mind of Aristotle


Water RippleCurious mind. Open heart. Committed to lifelong learning. Fascinated by brain science.

Cherish the innocence of children and animals. Respect the wisdom of old people.

Gratitude for life, health, family, friends, work, books, travel, and random acts of kindness.