Personal Side | How I Differ

Let’s take a moment to get acquainted.

Then, allow me to earn your trust by helping you succeed.


Professional Side

I bring to your project 25-years of experience and expertise of award-winning results in business writing for Fortune 1000, mid-market and growth companies. In corporate past life, I served as director-national corporate marketing for KCET Public Television; vice president marketing & sales for a leasing division of Citicorp, N.A.; and vice-president, corporate communications for Airbus Industrie in New York. Right out of U.C. Berkeley, I worked for Hughes Air Terminal in Las Vegas doing public relations.

Shocked Myself

I fell in love with airplanes and (strangely) even airports, hence my metaphor, Content Runway. I once took flying lessons in a Cessna 150 in Las Vegas. One lesson shy of my solo flight, I shocked myself by stalling the airplane over Tropicana Blvd., and a slew of very tall phone poles, while trying to land in a 35-knot desert crosswind. I knew in that instant, I’d rather pilot a keyboard than an airplane.

New Beginning

In 1990, I founded Magnus & Co., a strategic marketing agency, grew it to a multi-million dollar services firm, while contributing to the growth of clients in aviation, architecture, energy, food, foodservice, financial services, hospitality, lifestyle products, manufacturing, professional services and technology.

In 2002, Magnus & Co. made the list of “Top 100 Woman-Owned Businesses in L.A. County,” by Los Angeles Business Journal, winning client awards along the way. In 2006, we were selected as a marketing consultant for ABC TV’s summer series, American Inventor, where we prepped contestants, one of whom, Fireman Greg Chavez, took first place for his Guardian Angel invention, and won a million dollars!

Oh, Those Rabbit Holes

When the economy jumped down the rabbit hole in 2008, I scaled back Magnus, and yielded to my first love―writing for business. Content Runway is my latest expression to bring tangible value to clients, and it zeroes in on my true purpose. I’m in the moving business*moving words into minds to spark action and growth in business.


*Credit to author Daniel Pink, To Sell is Human, for the clarity