Master complex subjects

Find structure in the unstructured

Get to the point

Fine-tune calls-to-action


Hundreds of thousands of writers freelance.Your choices are unlimited. One thing is certain. Everyone thinks they can write. Few write well for business.
I work very hard to write well. As all writers know, we never stop learning, never stop improving our craft. It’s lifelong commitment.

And I follow a process that brings me up close and personal with my subject. Better yet, I promise to make the experience easy and pleasant for you.

Tight drafts. No charge for reasonable revisions

                 Attention-getting headlines, subheads

   Quick-glance microstyle copy. Or compelling long-form content

       Fast turnaround

                  100 percent guaranteed accountability

Simply share an idea or a few bullet points. Give me a few minutes by phone. Or a theme you want to explore. I’ll weave it into a full-grown narrative.

When I begin an assignment, I do in-depth research & analysis. Find the best strategy. Then, write for style, substance & readability. My intent: To showcase your message for meaningful impact. In the process, I hope to earn the right to become your trusted resource.

Writing often means working the high-wire without a net. Rest assured, I can manage your project with little or no supervision, work well with your in-house team, SEO experts, graphic designers, or ad agencies. Or no one else but you.