About Carolyn | Personal Side

2015697Most writers haven’t run a multimillion business

At my core, I’m full-throttle marketer who writes to business strategy. Not a novice writer grappling to understand business. I ran a marketing agency for decades, producing solid results for hundreds of business owners in multiple sectors. All work begins from the client perspective, followed by the right questions, careful listening, and collaboration. Also, I write five to six hours a day, constantly study my craft, and apply a trained eye to the graphic impact and strategic formatting of words on the page.

Most writers haven’t sold for a living

Your content will connect, convince and convert because I draw on a decades-long career in sales of B2B/ B2C products, services and systems:  Aircraft leasing. Airplanes. Appliances. Architectural services. Broadband technology. Commercial bakery equipment. Executive benefits and compensation. Financial services. Food and foodservice. Insurance. Interior design. Professional services. Rapid prototyping. Retirement planning. Manufacturing software. 3-D printers. You’ll receive the cross-selling benefit of knowledge gleaned in all this experience.

Most writers aren’t rhetoricians

People tease me when I say I’m a rhetorician. I know it’s a little odd, but I do hold a B.A. degree from U.C. Berkeley in Rhetoric, the art of persuasive speech and writing. No, not the dreaded political kind. The classics from the mind of Aristotle on which modern communication is built. Schooled in the power of argumentation, ethos, logos, pathos, my training is spot-on for business writing.

Most writers may have missed the opportunity to travel the world

I’ve traveled to five of the seven continents—nearly 80 countries, countless life-affirming experiences, and along the way learned our differences as people are also our strengths.

Walked the Great Wall in China. Rode a camel in Karachi. Flew the Concorde to Paris. Got lost and found in the Australian outback. Stung by menacing bugs in the jungles of Indonesia. Staged galas in grand world museums―Victoria and Albert in London, Museé de Carnavalet in Paris, Museum of Modern Art in New York.

I am so fortunate. Especially if I can help you.